Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zombies have consumed my life!!!

Sorry followers, for the neglect to my blog. I have been
pre-occupied for most of October with working two part-time jobs, which quickly turned into a full time commitment. Hard to believe three weeks ago I was underemployed and now I am over employed, working 13 days strait in some sort of work endurance challenge. I feel like I should join a WA group (workaholics anonymous), but I'm happy to say I have been off the work for two days and I'm back to my sessile barnacle self of blogging on the couch. Please take this opportunity to applaud me on the strength to open up to all you people as I am ready to join the rest of society that live with only a five day work week.

For my first day off I went to the mall to wait two hours in line to get myself one of the very popular iPhone 4. In my opinion it was totally worth it. I have spent a total of 6 hours using it. Some of the time was getting some facetime with my mom, but most of that time was spent protecting my house from an army of vegetarian zombies that would do whatever is necessary to get into my house. Luckily I have a defense. A wall and turret of plants that aid me in creating a false sense of security. I am delusional that my defense will be able to prevent this primal flesh eating beasts from entering my home. Well, so far so good. Along by my side is my neighbor "Crazy Dave" who advises me in how to take on these zombies. My only advise to anyone who may be next to face this addiction is that even an injured zombie can be the most fierce of adversary. Good luck, and ...

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